Thinking of having home gathering but not sure what food to order?


THINKING OF DINE IN? But many friends not fully vaccinated yet?

Want to have a home party but ordering food is hassle?

How about Gogopot Delivery?

New Package Gathering Package can cater 8-10 pax, and it free 3 pots lagi!

Gas pot, yellow electrical hotpot and pink electrical hotpot and bbq.

No need trouble la, just one order can settle, lagi makan hotpot. Apa u mau lagi?

And it is just RM200++

Hello you get 3 pots you know???


Ermm, some people might ask, sure boh? RM300 can eat hotpot and bbq at home, free 3 pots lagi?

Ei, yes la ini utk 8-10pax. But if you are big eater, u add on la ok???

Some more, you can have 3 pots and taste 3 types of soup. Gila best right?

Order now la, limited time only!

Order now at or whatsapp 011-11491721!


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