The Gogopot Delivery Have Launched the New Instant Hotpot Noodle Product.


If you ask me what is the food that I want to eat during the cold day or rainy day

I will say some things that are “HOT”. Especially when I watching the Korea Drama, I saw the character eating hot noodles, I wish that I could go through the TV screen and take a bite too. HAHAHA

Now the Gogopot Delivery has launched a new instant Hotpot Noodle, it has 4 types of flavors which are Mala Beef Instant Hotpot Noodle, Spicy Beef Instant Hotpot Noodle, Mala Veggie Instant Hotpot Noodle, Spicy Veggie Instant Hotpot Noodle.

Try to imagine how will you feel when you eating the instant hotpot noodle on a rainy day.


Now you can find it at Shopee Online Shopping Platform. The Price for Mala and Spicy Beef Instant Hotpot Noodle is just RM13.90 and for the Mala and Spicy Veggie Instant Hotpot Noodle is just RM11.90.


The Instant Hotpot Noodle is very easy to “cook” even you are a person who can't cook you also can cook it. You just have to put the water and all the into the upper compartment but the water can not over the ingredient, then add cold water and heating bag into the lower box flat. After 10 mins then it can be served.

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