Attention korea oppa-lover! RM20 off over KOrea Tteokbokki set

Because we love Korea-oppa as much as you do. So we decided to give you a big rewards!

Yeah! That is 25% for this whole Tteokbokki Set! It can fix 2 people stomach, maybe 3....

Well, the whole package included the little yellow electrical pot, which definitely can be reuse (because many customer will ask this!). And we have to make sure your healthy lifestyle so vegetable and mushroom is a must! Chicken slice is the best fit to the special tteokbokki soup and with the onion it bring the soup to another level. And of course the korea rice cake and fish cake is the soul to this tteokbokki soup. I would love to add on more. Just in case you still hungry we added korea ramen (which is very tahan cook so you no need worry the over-cooked situatioN! Lastly, add the cheese and eggs and this will be the perfect ending of this korea LOVE-story! Yeahhhhhh

Well, you definitely super-full at this moment and please help us to share your best review in our Facebook and share your lovely moment in Insta-story and make sure tagging us along ok!

A simple instruction on how to enjoy our Korea Ttobokki Pot! Cheersssssss

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